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Who We Are

Portland Urgent Care offers quality immediate care to people of all ages, providing a wide variety of healthcare services, from treating the common cold and mending broken bones to minor surgical procedures and annual well-visit physicals.

Portland Urgent Care provides access to healthcare services and after-hours urgent care for everyone, both insured and uninsured. Most private insurance plans work with them, covering costs from minor wounds to serious injuries. We also offer low cost self-pay prices that include many of the most common medical procedures and care. Patients who use the self-pay option get a discount when they pay their bill in full at the time they receive their healthcare services.

The Urgent Care Portland location serves the Hollywood neighborhood, providing access to emergency medical care whenever needed. Dr. Mark Hosko, founder of Portland Urgent Care, along with a team of highly skilled medical personnel, offers a variety of healthcare services to the residents of the neighborhood and the greater Northeast Portland area, including treatment of various illnesses and infections; minor scrapes and broken bones; professional physicals; X-ray and lab services; and preventative medicine. Minor surgical procedures including skin biopsies, suture removal, and wound care are also offered at our walk-in clinic. Portland Urgent Care keeps up with the latest medical news to ensure their healthcare services are the best to be had.

The walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week and the online appointment scheduler makes it easy to schedule medical needs. Simply choose the desired time through the scheduler or call us at 503-249-9000 to make an appointment.







Dr. Mark Hosko

Physician, adventurer, lover of nature, artist and world traveler.
Founding President of the independent, walk-in healthcare clinic, Portland Urgent Care.







Dr. Mark Hosko

I spent my early years in the Midwest collecting pond specimens in petri dishes, graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed my residency in Michigan. With a longing to live in an adventure-minded outdoor community, I promptly moved to Portland, Oregon as soon as my residency training was complete.

During my first years in Portland I worked long hours to pay off my education bills while exploring and playing in the great outdoors. Since I had always been an admirer of big adventure, soon after moving to PDX, I surprised even my closest friends by planning a month long solo sea-kayaking trip in S.E. Alaska – you must understand, I had never been on the ocean in a kayak before!

In 1995, after years of professional dedication, I was presented with the opportunity to become co-owner of what was to become Gresham Urgent Care, where I lovingly became known as the ‘doctor with the boots’ in the community. Due to excellent patient reviews, appreciation of loyal, hardworking employees, and my never-ending ideas for improvement, the business grew steadily and expanded to become Urgent Care NW. Additional locations were opened in both Fairview and Astoria. The expansion also included the first retail Urgent Care in the Western United States, and the development of a Physical Therapy Department that integrates chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture resources all ‘in house’.

In 2011, the success of Urgent Care NW attracted a company who aggressively pursued my partner and I to sell. In late 2012, after almost 2 years of negotiations and with heavy heart, I agreed.

While in negotiations, I decided my next business venture would carry on my legacy, embrace the community with the highest standard of medical care while coupled with outstanding customer service. Portland Urgent Care’s business model is the best of everything I know an urgent care clinic can be – it is an accumulation of 20 years of urgent care practice and business experience. I searched for a location near my favorite communities in Portland’s NE side and chose – 42nd and Sandy Blvd.

With the freedom that my independent, comprehensive healthcare clinic brings, I plan to show the NE and SE Portland neighborhoods that Portland Urgent Care is different because we aren’t part of or want to expand like other cookie cutter corporations. I hand picked my staff to fit the business model that puts patient care as #1. I am extremely proud of their dedication to make sure every patient receives compassionate care, feels listened to and properly cared for.

A goal of mine since 1995 has been to educate the public to the importance Urgent Care clinics play in their health and finances. Too many people still default to an Emergency Room for non-life threatening problems and end up paying huge amounts of money and wasting valuable time. Portland Urgent Care with its dedicated staff, digital x-ray, on-site lab, and EKG can treat most non-life threatening injuries and illnesses more effectively and at a tiny fraction of the cost and time.

In my spare time, I continue to travel to adventurous locations throughout the world. A passion of mine that engages the right side of my brain is painting and photographing. I am grateful to have sold large canvas images in galleries throughout Oregon. My African wildlife imagery from a recent adventure in Tanzania currently hangs in the Portland Urgent Care clinic.

  • I know of no one who has scrambled to the top of Munra more than I – possibly 842 times
  • I don’t cook I prepare food. Applesauce goes with everything.
  • An elderly podiatrist once told me that I have the flattest feet he ever saw.
  • Ice Cream is ambrosia – food of the God’s.

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Dr. Charles Wong

Medical Director







Dr. Charles Wong

I have been given an unbelievable opportunity of joining the talented team of Portland Urgent Care. I have known and worked with the founder of PUC, Dr. Mark Hosko for over 20 years. I had been with Dr. Hosko since the days of Good Samaritan’s Immediate Care centers in the 1980s which then became Urgent Care NW then again, NW Urgent Care and have seen the evolution of these clinics, providing outstanding care to patients in the Portland Metro area.

I am a native Portlander. I graduated from Reed College with a B.A. In Biology in 1975. I had been accepted into the PhD program at University of Oregon when I decided that Medicine might be more fun, back then tuition was $650  a year so why not? So I turned down the academic position and graduated instead from the University of Oregon health Sciences with an MD in 1980.  After my internship in Denver ( I loved skiing back then, but the Rockies was bone dry that winter and the Broncos had the worse record in the NFL) I accepted a Clinical Director position in the Indian Health Service on the Spokane Indians Reservation in Washington State for 3 years. My daughter was born at Fairchild AFB which caused no end for confusion as she needs to write the city and state where she was born!

Following 3 years of essentially Urgent Care on the Reservation, I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at the UC Irvine/ Long Beach VAMC and passed my Internal Medicine Boards in 1986.

I returned to Portland to Practice Internal Medicine only to continue Urgent Care until this day. I found that by working long hours I would have often several days I was one of the few dads that would be able to chaperone at my daughters mid week school field trips and occasional overnight school camping events. I remain very close to my daughter today. Urgent Care was and continues to be both challenging and fun.

My outside of the clinic world

  • I love to hike
  • I enjoy cooking and wine tasting, I have a secret salmon recipe that just may have landed me this job.
  • I enjoy home projects, live theatre and trying new eateries

I very much enjoy Portland, this large small town – and it’s such an added benefit to serve this energetic diverse ever growing community.







Dr. Jenny Hartley

Family Physician







Dr. Jenny Hartley

Dr. Hartley’s practice is based in the understanding that each of us holds the seeds of our own healing inside ourselves.  As a physician, she works to help people of all ages and backgrounds deepen awareness of their own potential for vibrant health and develop personal plans for achieving their goals.

Dr. Hartley spent her childhood in a small Maine town, where two beloved general practitioners provided medical care for their neighbors throughout their lifetimes.  It was these old-time docs who inspired her concept of what it is to be a doctor and serve the community.  A love of cooking, gardening, and living close to nature taught her that the foundations of good health lie in the many small choices we make every day.  While changing daily habits is not always easy, she has worked with many patients as they make extraordinary transformations in their lives and health – cheering them on every step of the way!

A Ph.D. in anthropology broadened her horizons, exposed her to the diverse healing systems of other cultures, and eventually led her to medical school, where she became a family physician.  After several years in practice, she fulfilled a longtime dream of blending Eastern and Western medicine by moving to Portland to begin studies in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism at the National College of Natural Medicine.  Now in her second year of study, she will begin to incorporate the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine into her practice.  She is thrilled to be building her primary care practice in the new Family Practice wing of Portland Urgent Care, where innovation is embraced.   You can follow Dr. Hartley at:  www.doctorjenny.wordpress.com

  • My favorite place is the kitchen, where I can make even cupcakes healthy!
  • I prefer rain to sun – Portland is the right place for me!
  • Walking just might be my favorite activity – I love exploring new places on foot.

Joshua Rafkind, PA-C, MSPA

Lead Healthcare Provider.

“Happiness is when what you think and what you say and what you do are in harmony-“    -Ghandi

Joshua Rafkind, PA-C, MSPA

I am here for you and your health. I chat longer and laugh a bit more often then most Providers you’ll encounter. I embrace the challenge that Urgent Care medicine has given me, and I feel accomplished at the end of a high volume – brain stimulating day. I push myself and my staff to be better then the day before, retain knowledge for the days to come and embrace the excitement of the day we are in.

I graduated with honors from Whitman College and Pacific University’s Physician Assistant Program. My choice to work in this branch of medicine allows me to care for patients from 6months – 100 years old all in the course of a single day.

  • Rain or shine my preferred commute to work is my bicycle
  • I’m happiest floating down rivers and skiing down the snowy mountains
  • I love adventure, exploring new places and travel traveling
  • What’s better then good music and incredible friends?

I welcome the opportunity to be involved in your care and health







Lupe Urbano

Business Manager








Lupe Urbano

I have been a Medical Biller for the past 6 years and 14 years’ experience in bookkeeping. I have ventured into many work fields but always related to finances, I consider myself a numbers gal. I love working with people and enjoy assisting patients have a better understanding of their medical bills. I especially like the diversity that Portland Urgent Care has to offer.

  • In my spare time I spoil my daughter
  • I love Music
  • I love to Travel  (especially road trips)
  • I enjoy spending time with all 6 of my siblings and my parents