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Think you might have a sprain or a broken bone?

Portland Urgent Care provides diagnoses and medical treatment options.

A woman with a knee injury in Portland OR


Our clinic is completely equipped to treat injuries such as bone fractures, sprains or lacerations. We also offer treatments for pulled muscles, cuts and contusions. And with a digital X-ray onsite, our medical providers can quickly read and interpret X-rays and provide digital copies upon check out.

Portland Urgent Care also performs surgical procedures, such as laceration repair, skin biopsies, treatment of burns and abscesses, and the removal of foreign bodies.

Life in the Pacific Northwest is active, diverse and ever-changing. Whether you’re a bicycle commuter, a tattoo artist, a donut eater or an avid Columbia River Gorge hiker — and regardless of the challenges you’ve faced — we will provide you with the highest quality care to get you healthy and back on the road to wellness and adventure!

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