IV Nutrition Therapy


Delivered To You

With an IV, pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals go directly into your bloodstream. Our four signature IV nutrient blends are created by our in-house naturopathic physician.

What is IV Therapy?

Supplementation and medication taken orally must go through a series of steps in the gut before being absorbed into your system. This can lead to lost nutrients through urine due to inefficient processing. In contrast, with IV nutrient therapy (also known as infusion therapy) nutrients go directly into your bloodstream and are absorbed as soon as it enters your body. Relief and vibrancy are quickly restored. This is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get nutrients into the body — and get you feeling your best.

60 ml of vitamin C, B vitamins, trace minerals, magnesium and selenium with sterile water gives you the perfect pep in your step if you just need a little boost.

Be Well
250 ml of higher dose vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, trace minerals and B vitamins with sterile water or sterile saline gives you the power to fight cold season.

Be Well with Extra
500 ml of Be Well with an extra boost of electrolytes not only gives you the power to fight off flu season but will aid in the recovery of electrolyte and fluid loss.

Hangover Be Gone
500 ml of electrolytes, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and anti-nausea medication helps ease all ails.

“I have seen migraines dissolve and fibromyalgia alleviated. This method of pain relief is greatly underutilized.” – Dr. Alexandra Halaby

Meet Dr. Alexandra Halaby, ND
Our mission is to not only increase longevity but to increase vitality.

PUC takes a multi-angled approach to pain, because we know there is no magic pill that cures all.


Muscle cramps
Flu/common cold
Food poisoning
Athletic performance
Energy boost
Weight loss
Jet lag

Great for:

Bachelor and bachelorette party recovery
Pre-wedding nutrient glow
Pre and post sporting event (marathon or triathlon)
Celebration recovery
Corporate events
Just treating yourself

Delivered to You

Please give a two-hour notice to Portland Urgent Care staff in order to have nutrients personally created for you and delivered to your location of preference.

Any deliveries made outside the 10-mile radius of the Portland metro area will incur an additional $20 charge up to 20 miles.

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