Injury / Compassionate, Comprehensive Treatment


Experiencing a sprain or broken bone?

Portland Urgent Care provides diagnosis and medical treatment options.

A woman with a knee injury in Portland OR

Portland Urgent Care is equipped to treat injuries such as bone fractures, sprains, or lacerations. We offer treatments for pulled muscles, cuts and contusions, and even the most basic of abrasions and scrapes. With a digital x-ray on-site, our Providers can quickly read and interpret x-rays and provide digital copies upon check out.

Our clinic also performs surgical procedures such as simple or complex laceration repair, skin biopsies, treatment of burns and abscesses, as well as removal of foreign bodies.

Whether you are a bicycle commuter, tattoo artist, donut eater, or an avid Gorge hiker, all of you Portlanders will be provided with high quality care.

Illness / Embracing a Higher Standard of Care


Woman suffering from a medical illness in bed in Portland OR

Not sure if you have a cold, the flu or something worse?

We provide the diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

Portland Urgent Care treats common illnesses and infections including the most commonly diagnosed such as flu, pneumonia and other seasonal illnesses; urinary and pelvic infections; and ear and throat infections. Our on-site lab offers up a wide range of clinical tests, including screening for strep throat, mononucleosis and influenza; and collection for outside STD testing.
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