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Quality Emergency Medical Care

We also have a number of other medical procedures and healthcare services, including work-related and state-required physical exams; x-rays, blood tests, screenings for illnesses, and other lab-related services. Walk-in visits are welcomed 7 days a week and Portland Urgent Care will provide the quickest service possible.

Portland Urgent Care also offers lab and diagnostic services; which may also be booked via phone, or here through the online scheduler. This allows all patients to reserve a time for a blood draw or glucose evaluation that is convenient for them and conducive to the test itself.

How To Book Your Appointment

Portland Urgent Care provides an easy online scheduling tool for you to choose your own appointment time. Simply fill out your date, time, hit submit and you’re confirmed.

We accept most major insurance, cash, and all major credit cards.

Whether getting a physical, having blood drawn, or seeking more serious and immediate care, our online scheduler is unique feature that makes seeking treatment for any ailment, big or small, at the Northeast Portland Urgent Care location a simple and straightforward process.