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Treating sprains, strains and tears

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

Summer has arrived and the residents of the East Portland neighborhoods are taking full advantage of it, from outdoor fitness activities such as jogging and cycling to organized sports to hiking in the beautiful natural surroundings outside the city.  After a sedentary winter, many people…

Bicycle Popularity, Bicycle Injuries

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

As we Portlanders know bicycles have become one of the most common means of transportation in and around the city.   The popularity of bicycling is definitely at an all-time high, and with that peak also comes a surge in bike-related injuries.  Emergency rooms and…

Leaflets three: Ivy, oak and sumac

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Medical Education

Whether you’re new to the Portland area or a life-long resident, the prospect of hiking in Oregon is one that must be embraced at least once. The experience of walking through the beautiful forests in the nearby damp Columbia Gorge, witnessing wildlife in its natural…