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August 2013


Understanding Pre-Diabetes

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Medical Education

Many patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes express surprise and shock that the disease seemed to sneak up on them out of nowhere. The truth is, however, that the blood glucose levels in these individuals have been above the normal range for quite some time….

The True Beauty of a Great Smile

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

The importance of having a strong, healthy set of teeth cannot be understated.  Teeth are vital in consuming proper amounts of nutritious foods, and the health of our teeth and mouth also has a profound effect on the health of our entire body.   While…

Food Poisoning Symptoms and Treatment

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

Summertime in Northeast Portland means going outside, discovering new tastes at neighborhood festivals and fairs, indulging in picnic lunches and dining at food carts all around the city.  Discovering new tastes is always a memorable part of summer food fun, but for many, the joy…

Splinters and Slivers

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

When thinking about the medical emergencies that we see here at Portland Urgent Care, the terms “splinter” or “sliver” may not be the emergencies that first come to mind.  While most splinters and slivers do not require emergency treatment, there are some cases when you…

Rehabilitating Ankle Sprains

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

Exercises used to rehabilitate after ankle sprains   Here at Portland Urgent Care, we regularly get visits from residents of the East Portland neighborhoods who have suffered common injuries such as ankle sprains. For some people, especially seniors, repeated injuries to the ankle can leave…

How Sweet it is!

Posted by Mark Hosko, MD in Health Information

Although doctors and staff at Portland Urgent Care always encourage our patients not to eat too many sweet foods, sweeteners do have their place when used in moderation.   Sugars are carbohydrates and may be found naturally in most foods.  They have a high glycemic…